Make the Most - Out of Your Alaskan Adventure

Make the most out of your trip to Salmon Falls Resort in Ketchikan, Alaska, by adding some of these exciting experiences. Whether you want to explore the outdoors on a hike through the Tongass National Forest, zipline through the rainforest or enjoy a day of shopping on Creek Street, we’ve got outings that are perfect for every guest visiting our resort.

Alaskan Sport Fishing

Join our expert fishing guides for the finest fishing Alaska has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or baiting a hook for the first time you’ll enjoy the adventure that awaits once you come aboard.


Alaskan Wildlife Viewing

Ketchikan, Alaska has amazing wildlife and guests of Salmon Falls don’t need to go far to enjoy. It’s not uncommon to see a pod of humpback or orca whales right from our restaurant and deck. For a closer look, guests are welcome to go down to the dock. Last year we had a giant humpback whale feeding less than 10’ from the dock. It was an amazing sight to be seen. You can check out that video HERE


Bald Eagles nest in the lush tree tops surrounding the resort. They frequently fly overhead and their high-pitched whistling and piping notes can be heard throughout the day. Seal and sea otters can be seen bobbing their noses up and down in the waves.


Of course, there are bears, deer and birds of many species on the island. If you’re interested in taking a guided tour our staff can help you arrange a trip to the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary or a walk to Settler’s Cove to explore on your own.

Salmon Falls Fishing Resort Alaskan Wildlife

Self-Guided Sightseeing

Our 18’ Lund Skiffs are available to rent if you and up to 3 people would like to take them out for a few hours to sightsee from the water. We’ll show you which direction to take so you can hug the shoreline. This is a great was to see the island from a different perspective, especially if you’re not going out on a fishing trip. Please visit our front desk during your stay to check availability and reserve a skiff.

Zip Line Adventures

After a short drive from Salmon Falls Resort you will soar through the scenic forest on an interactive and thrilling Alaska zipline adventure, designed for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts. Friendly and knowledgeable guides will handle the equipment and ensure you experience a one of a kind ride, while navigating through a series of ziplines and snapping a few photos along the way.

Salmon Falls Fishing Resort Zipline Excursion


Ketchikan is lined by the Tongass National Forest that has a wide variety of trails with a degree of difficulty ranging from easy to very difficult. Many of our staff enjoy hikes on their day off so don’t hesitate to ask around for their personal favorites and recommendations. For your convenience, you can find a trail map inclusive of distance, degree of difficulty and trail description, just stop by our front desk!

Sea Kayaking

Whether you’re a beginning, intermediate or experienced paddler, you can always enjoy several tranquil hours out on the ocean exploring Ketchikan by kayak. The historic district and the surrounding islands are home to bald eagles, seals, and salmon – and, when the tide is low you’re sure to spot some starfish too and experience the waterfall up close!

Sea Kayaking in Ketchikan, Alaska

Downtown Core

Schedule the resort shuttle or grab a cab and enjoy a day in Downtown Ketchikan, the First City, where you will find distinct sites and activities. You can catch the salmon in action as you walk along Ketchikan Creek and enjoy the restaurants, unique curio shops, galleries and museums like Dolly’s House Museum on Historic Creek Street. Watch the Lumber Jack Show, take a Duck Boat Tour or just stroll through the streets dining on fresh seafood and shopping at one of the many locally owned stores. Want to experience more history, visit Saxman Native Village where you will find the world’s largest collection of standing totem poles.

Float Plane Tours

Hop on a floatplane from the dock at Salmon Falls and experience the freedom of flight and tour over the Misty Fjords National Monument, surrounding lakes and glacial bays. Breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and evergreen forests await. Most operators offer guided fishing and hiking tours, and the option to land at nearby wildlife observatories, where guests can watch black and brown bear catching salmon and playing with their cubs in the wild

Float Plane Alaska at Salmon Falls Fishing Resort

Hump Island

Hump Island Oyster Company presents the West Coast's coldest and freshest oysters. Alaska’s shoreline is breathtaking and mostly uninhabited. Deep green cedar trees provide a sharp contrast to the rocky coastline where the forest and the sea meet. The weather determines if the remote coves or bays are calm and inviting or uncontrollable and wild. This unpredictable environment has proven to be the perfect home where healthy oysters thrive. With ice cold water, plenty to eat, and Northern Lights overheard the oysters grow plump through long summer days. Chefs and oyster lovers agree the taste is unparalleled with a uniquely briny flavor that finishes with a hint of melons and minerals.