What to Expect at Salmon Falls

What is the weather like?

Ketchikan has an oceanic climate and experiences mild summers with an average high temperature in August of 65 degrees. We are located in a rainforest and do experience rain which keeps our hillsides green.

What type of fish can I expect to catch?

You can expect to catch King Salmon, Pink (Humpy), Coho (Silver), Dog (Chum), Halibut and over 20 different species of Rock Fish.


Do I need to purchase a fishing license?

In Alaska, a license is required to participate in sport and personal use fishing. Licenses are available at different prices for residents, non-residents, members of the military and residents who are disabled veterans and/or are age 60 or older. Residents and non-residents under the age of 16 are required to be licensed for sport fishing. Salmon Falls Fishing Resort is an accredited fishing license vendor and can assist you from start to finish!

Will I get seasick?

Each person reacts to open boating and sportfishing experiences differently. Even the most seasoned veteran gets seasick from time to time. Our vessels are fully stocked with Coast Guard approved first-aid kits in the event that you become ill. We also have motion sickness medicine available in our gift shop.

How will my fish be packaged & processed?

We will process your full catch on-site. All fish are cleaned and filleted per the customers desires and professionally vacuum sealed for easy freezer storage. We securely pack your frozen fish in boxes up to 50 pounds to ensure your catch remains fully frozen until enjoyed at your dinner table back home. We also provide shipping services at prices averaging at $4 a pound.

Will we fish in fresh or salt water?

Guests will mainly fish in protected Pacific Ocean saltwater coves and along the rugged coast of Southeast Alaska. Prepare to enjoy breathtaking scenery and an abundance of magnificent local wildlife.

What should I pack?

Ketchikan is definitely a place for layers and warmer clothing. Mornings and evenings can be cooler, however the afternoons tend to warm up and sunscreen may be needed. There is a chance of showers, but not to worry! Salmon Falls Resort has rain gear and boots on hand. Outdoor shoes or boots are ideal for the docks and boats, and for being active around Ketchikan. If you forgot something, don't worry. We have just about everything you will need in our gift shop.

Can I ship my fish home?

Yes, you can safely ship your fish home, but it is much cheaper to fly home with it. Average shipping prices are $4 per pound. We will also store your catch in our freezer after your departure date for a scheduled shipment date.

How many people can a boat accommodate?

Our vessels can accommodate up-to 6 anglers based on availability, plus the Captain.

Do you serve lunch during fishing trips?

Yes, we serve customized box lunches. Guests are able to request their made-to-order lunch upon check-in. Call our front desk for more information.

Ketchikan Infographic